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Cleaning your range vent hood

Cleaning your range vent hood

Posted by on 19th Jan 2018

Cooking is always fun but when it comes to cleaning up appliances after that can get difficult. Cooking produces grease, heat and smoke that can really damage cabinets and walls over time. Range hoods protect the cabinets, remove that grease, that awful smoke, and provide light for the cooking surface. Here you will find 4 ideas that will help you conserve the lifetime of a range vent hood.

  • Just clean it!
  • Always turn off unit before cleaning it. Use a degreaser and household cleaning spray and always avoid the light bulb directly.
  • Clean the vent
  • Depending on the type of hood vent (vents to the outside or just circulates) Always make sure it does not buildup grease or dirt. You might need to contact a professional to clean the vent properly.
  • Check air filter
  • Make sure the air filter is clean and in place. Remove it and clean by soaking it in a degreaser solution until grease dissolves, wash with warm water and soap and let it dry before placing it back on the unit.
  • Motor fan Check

Make sure the motor fan performance such as speed or other changes are working properly if you do notice any changes that seem off most likely this part may need a replacement. Contact a professional and you need a replacement check our website for the correct part that fits your appliance click here if you need range vent hood replacements