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How to care for your garbage disposer

How to care for your garbage disposer

Posted by on 15th Dec 2017

A garbage disposal is usually attached to a kitchen sink drain which efficiently disposes of food waste.

1. Always run plenty of water when the disposer is on

-Make sure to use COLD water

2. Every month clean the splash and stopper

-These are full of bacteria if your disposer model allows you to remove and clean by hand this could help prevent bacteria and other issues.

3. Carefully load food amounts

-Do not overload with too much food otherwise this may easily clog the drain and disposal will not work properly.

4. Sharpen disposer blades

Ice cubes may help sharpen garbage disposer blades and removing food from blades.

Extra Tips

5. Periodically deodorize

-Use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning pellets to eliminate odors and keep it fresh.

6. Be Safe

-Never put your hands into the garbage disposer.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep a cleaner safer garbage disposer. Are you looking for a garbage disposer part? Click here and check out our available parts